Shopping and other amenities

The nearest supermarket, filling station and bank are in nearby Châteauponsac (9km, 10 mins). For a change, similar facilities are available in Magnac Laval (11 km, 14 mins). Both are small, pretty towns with plenty of bars, restaurants and other local businesses.

Bellac is a bigger town, and only very slightly further away (12 km, 15 mins). It has a number of larger supermarkets (Carrefour Market, Intermarché, Lidl), and an excellent wines and spirits merchant (Les Caves du Limousin) if you're an oenophile. There's also a good choice of restaurants here.

If you judge Bellac from the main road, and the area where the supermarkets are, you're unlikely to be impressed. But if you take time to find the older part of the town (and especially the church and the road leading down to it), you won't be disappointed.

A few kilometres from Bellac is Le Dorat, which is worth visiting for its quaint streets, its 14th century defensive walls and its vast 13th century church, with an 11th century crypt. Shopping here is unexciting, except for the Porcelaine de Limoges et du Dorat factory shop, which sells porcelain, including bargain seconds, at 4 Avenue du Président Georges Pompidou, 87210 Le Dorat.

For serious shopping, consider day trips to Limoges (43 km, 48 mins) or

Poitiers (95 km, 1h 35 mins).

Distances and driving times (in brackets) are approximate, and derived from the online route planner.